Officer-in-Charge of Birganj Police Station, Abu Akkas Ahmed, said that the female Ansar members who brought the charges, were sent for medical examination on Thursday.

“The husband of one of the victims filed a complaint on Wednesday night naming Ansar personnel Tapas Chandra,” the OC said.

“Attempts to arrest him are on,” he added.

The victims told  they were in the six-members Ansar-Village Defence Party team which were in charge of security at a Durga Puja pandal at Bottoli in Sator union council.

A shop was provided to them for their rest and shelter. At early hours on Oct 11, Tapas Chandra entered the shop when they were changing cloths and threatened them before raping the duo.

He also threatened them of not paying their remuneration and even killing them if they divulge the incident, they said.

Officer-in-Charge of Ansar in the Upazila, Halima Khatun, told that she advised the victims to file cases against the perpetrator after she had heard about the incident. Departmental actions will also be taken, she added.

She also said that the Upazila Executive Officer was also notified.